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DRAW’s Library, only available to current Members, contains a plethora of model pleadings and correspondence. For example, interrogatories and requests for production for: dissolution, CIRs, and child relocation actions. Other discovery tools include, a motion for a discovery protective order, spoliation letters, and a discovery plan, and that’s just in discovery. There are expert created templates for questions you may want to ask on direct examination of various experts at trial, articles on when you may need a Title 4 litigation GAL appointed for a party, and so much more. If you are an active Member, please click on the picture of the library below to be taken to DRAW’s Members only Library.

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I absolutely love the DRAW Library for both QuickCites and model pleadings, discovery tools, and so much more. The information in the library and ability to tap into a statewide network of lawyers for advice on an active listserv that serves as a braintrust is a lifesaver.

Erica Knauf Santos, Knauf Santos Law, PLLC